Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
28 September , 2020

How SEM can Support your Business

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a very effective way for small businesses to reach new customers, increase revenues, and trim acquisition costs

SEM stands for search engine marketing. This may seem very broad. But the term has come to mean a very specific type of marketing on search engines. That’s paid search.

How it Works

SEM compliments SEO and content marketing, getting your brand at the top of Google, Bing and all the other search engine players worldwide. To reach potential customers at the perfect time and place. The most known is Google Ad Words.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the most common form of paid SEM. PPC ads are the ones you see at the top of your Google search with the word “ad” written next to the link. Search engines sell keywords to the highest bidder. One of the great things about this is you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.

Other forms of paid SEM include banner ads, remarketing as well as ads on social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

Benefits to your business

Instant Brand Awareness in Search Engines

According to google search, SEM increases Brand awareness by 80%. SEO and unpaid social media take time SEM positions you at the top or bottom of page one. A business that has no current visibility or brand recognition can instantly get some attention.

Generate revenues quickly

With the right ad copy and strategies in place, you can see sales coming on the same day. It doesn’t need the time SEO does. It’s easy to get started with something like AdWords.

Grows your business

It’s incredibly scalable. It’s easy to start small and then spend more as your business grows. Paid ads are linked to conversion-focused landing pages or sales pages that move web traffic and grow Sales.

Reaching the right people at the right time

One of the biggest benefits of search ads is the ability to bring in the right traffic. You can’t always control who sees your organic search results. With SEM, you can create a custom audience that will be far more likely to see and engage with your ads than the average searcher

Competitor Advantage

Through amazing SEO, does your competitor already have a coveted top spot in the organic search results? You can appear above them with paid ads. Steal a click that would have been theirs.

It’s accessible, even to small accounts

It doesn’t take much to advertise on search engines. There’s also no minimum amount you must spend to run ads. Top tip: Bing can be far more cost effective

Marks and Spencer have an effective SEM strategy since its “Winter Boots” page ranks first with a paid ad. Interestingly all 3 paid ads hadn’t made it to the first page organically with SEO.

Top Tips for your business:

1-Set a Budget – if not you’ll always overspend. Account for things like writing copy, landing pages, research, analytics and CPC.

2- Learn about your customers – why do they use search engines? Customise your ads to get your brand in front of them.

3- Do your keyword research – don’t just include as many as possible. If they are not relevant, they will lower your quality score and end up costing you more

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