The Importance of CSR

The Importance of CSR
26 September , 2020

Is CSR important for business?

At Local Marketing we value the importance of CSR (corporate social responsibility), giving back to the local community. Many will feel the most important reason for CSR is PR, public relations, bolstering your image… but for us we have a slightly different stance.

Top Reasons for CSR:

  • You care about your community
  • CSR reflects the values of your organisation
  • Your brand stands for something other than profit
  • You want to bring the best out in others
  • Karma – You get what you give
  • The environment is important to you

For Local Marketing

CSR is more than a PR exercise and, in many cases, we don’t ask for anything in return. Giving back to our local community is our way of supporting others, after all, without a strong community where would we all be?
It is in our interest to help young people to grow and develop… becoming the leaders and strong community members of the future. It is in our interest to support charity and local groups who are trying to make a difference. Its also a way of giving back, we use energy, roads and other resources which affect our planet and CSR can be a way of supporting not just people but helping to ensure your carbon footprint is minimised.

Below are some of the ways Local Marketing values the importance of CSR and hopefully provide some tips for how your business can give back:

Voluntary work is very important for us and we are proud to partner with the Prince’s Trust supporting young people. By visiting young people in schools and bringing business to life in the classroom we are helping to not only increase the practical knowledge and skill set of young people but also helping to show that anybody can achieve anything.

We also support many different charities and recently delivered social media training to the local hub of the NSPCC. By doing this the charity increased and improved their use of social media to be able to better share how they work and the impact of what they do. This resulted in better awareness of the local work NSPCC does.

Recently we supported a local CIC (Community Interest Company) and felt their website needed improving, rather than charge them we do this at our own expense. An improved website means better visibility and the ability to showcase their brand better.
So far, the above simply reflects time however we recently donated a large sum to a homeless charity which helps young people develop skills and grow through the power of sport. Our donation has meant that 10 young homeless people we given a place on a course to grow and develop their skills, creating opportunities to move out of the homelessness cycle.

Isn’t it just taking profit away from our business?

“Giving money to charity is taking away food from your own table!”

This comment was given to us by one of our clients and I’ll be honest with you, I thought about this long and hard. Perhaps this was true, maybe we shouldn’t help others? But on reflection I realised CSR is important, if we see somebody fall in the street, do we stop to help? Society would be a stronger place if we all did and that’s where we sit with CSR, creating a better society!

CSR is more than just giving away some of your profits to help you sleep better (although for many it is) but to help give back and to help create a better society for all.

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