Top Tips for Website Design

Top Tips for Website Design
26 September , 2020

Top tips for creating a great website

You’ve established your business and one of the things on your to-do list next is to establish a great website. To help you get started on your web design journey we have listed below all the elements your website should have to begin with.

Define your business

Before you start designing and creating content for your website, you should have a clear definition of what your business represents and what you do. Without this strong definition, you’ll struggle to come up with good copy for your landing page, which is the first thing a visitor would see.

Understand your audience

Your ideal client is the person you want to visit your website and make a purchase or contact you. Understanding this “customer avatar” will help you to design a better website.

  • Their values
  • Demographics
  • What they are looking for
  • Pain Points
  • Challenges they face
  • Objections they may have
  • Their profile

By better understanding your audience your website can then speak to them directly, resulting in a better website and improved results.

Include Contact Information

This goes without saying that having contact information everywhere and easily accessible is one of the most vital things to have on your website. It might seem simple and how could you possibly miss this, but as easy it is to remember, you can be one of the companies that forget about it.

Contact information goes best at the top and bottom of each page. Also, your contact and inquiry forms should be the easiest thing to navigate and fill out. No customer would like to work through a form to get in touch with you. An additional feature you can include is a clickable ‘Contact Us’ Call-to-Action button, which can then open an email platform for customers to use.

A section of social media icons where the contact form is or bottom of each page will also encourage prospects to contact you and engage with your social media channels.

Pro Tip: Including CTAs on every page of your website is highly recommended and what makes a good CTA is providing prospects with a good reason for them to contact you.

Live Chat

Instead of having the standard FAQ page, which includes a dry list of questions and answers, why don’t you include a Live Chat option? This way customers won’t have to scroll through and skim through many questions to find the right answer. They’ll find instant feedback when they go on the chat.

About Section

You’ve already given prospects a taste of what your business does and represents with your landing page, but you should consider going more into depth about your history and what inspired you to start your business in a separate ‘About’ page. Talk about your goals and outline what your business’ mission is. Don’t forget to make it a bit more personal by adding images of company events and celebrations.


Let’s say a new prospect that has never heard of your business before lands on your homepage. They’ll read your content, appreciate the design and get engaged, but what will push them to put trust in you is reading testimonials from previous customers. You can have testimonials integrated on your homepage if you’ve only just started but once you have established a clientele, you should devote a separate page for testimonials.

Introduce Your Team & How They Work

This is yet another great way to build trust with prospects. Evoke emotion in your customers by providing a bio for each of your team members. Upload high-quality video and images of them being at work. An engaging way to inspire prospects to choose your business is to include before & after images of the work you do for people. This might provoke them to see problems they’re having themselves in the before images and encourage them to take action and contact you.

Pro Tip: Use other forms of visual stimulating graphics such as videos to keep your visitors longer on your website. This also links to your website’s bounce rate increasing. Search engines, for example, Google favours websites that keep people on their site longer.

Subscription Offers

Offer your customers to stay updated on what’s new with your business by providing them with the option to subscribe to a blog, newsletter or email. This can open doors for more marketing opportunities and most importantly, build loyalty and trust with customers.

SEO Strategy

Last but not least is coming up with an effective SEO strategy, which will put your website in front of people that have no idea about your business’ existence. Implementing SEO on your website is vital because it will bring more traffic, which turns into generating more leads. Two tips we can offer to help you develop a good SEO strategy is keeping your URLs concise, easy to follow and incorporating high-ranking keywords relevant to your business. The other one is to write your titles and meta descriptions using the same high-ranking keywords.

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